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At Precision Solutions, our associates have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge from the moment they join us. We not only want our colleagues to be efficient team players but also have a career where they are appreciated and feel satisfied. Some of the tools we use to achieve this are:-


We invest heavily into the development of our cohorts as we prepare our company to take giant leaps towards the future. With a training program delivered by our expert managers, we empower our associates to excel while taking into account the requirements of diverse people.


When you sign up with us our managers will give you individual attention, and continuous feedback that will eventually mould you into an asset for the organization.


Team work makes the dream work. As much as we want to promote an effective collaboration at Precision Solutions, we also want our teammates to build a rapport with each other. To ensure such an environment we encourage cooperation between teams, while simultaneously building bonds of friendship.

Travel rewards

At Precision Solutions, hard work is rewarded with opportunities to travel to regional conferences, exotic retreats and other destinations. We let the quarterly performance of our associates dictate their travel opportunities without worrying about the expenditures.

Professional development

While working with Precision Solutions, you will have the opportunity to meet bright minds from across industries. Such interactions will not only enhance your knowledge but also help build your professional profile within the community, as well as the industry.

When you meet us

you'll see a bunch of unique individuals working together to create rich brand experiences.

To keep with the changing trends and consumer preferences, we offer excellent training, mentorship, and the means you need to be a successful entrepreneur. We integrate our skills and techniques and our passion for problem-solving to get you to where you wish to be in your career. When you join us, you'll be pleased to be a part of us for our work and how we deal with our clients and people.

Our primary focus has always been providing an honest, open, and family-oriented workplace. We enjoy listening to everyone and welcome our associates' inputs. Such actions drive people to add more as they know that their opinions will be considered and never be neglected. No matter what role you hold once hired, your promotions rely on merit instead of favouritism. Here we provide each person with the knowledge to achieve professional success at their own pace.

  • Entry level management
  • Marketing and Sales Representative

Our company is looking for an individual who can work with our marketing team and guide the strategies of diverse brands. Our training will teach you every aspect of our operations to quickly transform you into an asset.


  • Giving inputs to improve campaigns.
  • Implementing marketing and sales strategies by direct interaction with customers.
  • Setting and attaining goals with mentors and management staff.
  • Managing representatives and business protocol
  • Ensuring brand representation and perception is in line with client expectations.
  • Development of new associates.
  • Providing a positive and productive environment.


A College degree is preferred but not required Customers with experience in retail, customer service, or business management fields can apply

Precision Solutions is looking for a Marketing and Sales Representative who can generate leads and meet marketing goals. When you join us, you will not only get an introduction to how we operate, but also get a peek into your future career. Though you will work individually you will also collaborate with other departments to understand a brand, it’s strategic development, and creative management.


  • Planning, organizing, and executing marketing and sales programs.
  • Discussing client direction, representation, and expectations with management
  • Tracking market and company sales performance.
  • Working closely with marketing teams to create programs.
  • Generating leads and drive sales.
  • Communicating with local business on brand perception.
  • Developing creative marketing plans.
  • Planning compelling marketing solutions for the target audience.


The candidate should have:-

Experience in leadership, communication, or management A minimum education level of GED/High School Diploma (Required) An Associate's or Bachelor's degree (or soon be completing) in areas of Business, Fashion, Communication, Social Sciences (Preferred)

Job Type: Full-time